The 44 Defense- Twist Stunt

Twist Blitz-44 Defense

The 44 defense features 4 defensive linemen, 4 linebackers, and 3 defensive backs.  This twist stunt play is a great play because it is very confusing for offensive linemen. Why this play is so successful is because many youth football offenses do not have blocking schemes, or they do not utilize their snap count advantage.  This stunt play is called twist because the two defensive linemen are crossing. This play is successful against both outside and inside hitting plays.

The play-side defensive tackle slants outside ripping through and crossing the face of the offensive tackle. The play-side (red) defensive end slants down ripping through and crossing the face of the offensive guard. The defensive end slants down first, then the defensive tackle slants outside right off the defensive end’s butt. The middle linebacker blitzes the A gap. The play-side outside linebacker holds containment. The back-side DT (opposite side of the twist) forces A gap, the back-side DE forces C gap, and the back-side outside linebacker holds containment.  The secondary plays cover 3. This is a great play out of the 44 defense. If executed properly, it will be a nightmare for O-linemen.

It is very important that your defense gets to the football. The trademark of any successful defense is relentless swarm to the ball carrier.  When you call this defensive play make sure your players execute it with great energy and force.  Remember, do not blitz your youth football defenders out of the play, blitz strategically. Go out and scout  your opponent, this will allow you to prepare your defense for what they are going to see come game day.

Good Luck

Coach Jeff

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