Strong Safety Blitz out of the 43 Defense

The Strong Safety blitz out of the 43 defense is a very good blitz against pretty much any offense. This blitz is best executed from the wide side of the field. This safety blitz will help take away the wide side of the field. Against spread formations the safety will almost always have a free run. This blitz starts off showing a two high safety look. When the QB begins his cadence the (SS) rolls down and right off of the edge. The (FS) rolls to deep middle of the field and has the deep middle 3rd responsibility.  You can play either man to man or zone behind this blitz. This is a very safe blitz because you still have plenty of defenders to play the run and cover the pass (blitz is only sending one defender).

Strong Safety Blitz out of the 43 Defense

Right Defensive Tackle (T): Dip and rip, secure  A-gap.

Left Defensive Tackle (T): Dip and rip, secure A-gap.

Right Defensive End (E): Slant, B-gap.

Left Defensive End (E): Slant out, boundary contain.

Middle Linebacker (M): A-gap on run, hook zone on pass.

Weak Linebacker (W): Align on the inside receiver,  creep down showing like he’s going to blitz, then when the ball is snapped, he opens up and gets to the flat. Look to attack any quick screens or slants. Make sure he gets depth based on #2’s route (inside receiver).

Strong Linebacker (S):  C-gap on run, boundary hook-curl on pass.

Strong Safety (SS): Pre-snap, 12 yards deep. Once the QB begins his cadence the (SS) rolls down and blitzes off of the edge on ball movement. It’s important that the (SS) blitzes off of the line of scrimmage or else he’ll never get pressure.

Free Safety (FS): Show deep half look (12 yards deep on hash), then once the QB begins cadence he then rotates to deep middle and has  middle 3rd responsibility on pass.

Cornerback (CB): Deep 3rd coverage.

Cornerback (CB): Deep 3rd coverage.

Coaching Points 

  • When defenders blitz, they need to get pressure. Half-hearted blitzes lead to big plays for the offense.
  • Pre-snap read the (SS) & (FS) show a two deep look. Only when the QB begins his cadence does the (SS) roll down and the (FS) rotates to deep middle.
  • Pre-snap read the (W) shows like he is going to blitz but bails out and covers the field side flat once the ball is snapped. (W) needs to open up his hips and run to get into the flat.
  • The (SS) has come off of the edge hard and maintain outside leverage. He is the primary contain player on the wide side of the field.
  • Blitz side defensive end (E) must dip and rip across the face of the offensive tackle.

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