Shotgun Formation in Youth Football

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The Shotgun Formation in Youth Football

The shotgun formation can be used in youth football with great success. Many coaches are hesitant to use the shotgun formation because of the risk of fumbled snaps. With enough practice time/reps the shotgun snap exchange will be executed fluently. If you decide to go with the shotgun make sure you practice at least 3 different centers. If one of your centers gets hurt, you will need capable backups.  Remember, practice makes perfect- reps, reps, and more reps.
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Putting your QB in the shotgun doesn’t mean you have to pass the football. There are plenty of youth football running plays that work out of the shotgun formation. When the quarterback is in the shotgun formation, he will be able to see the field easier. True pocket QBs are rare in youth football. The best way to pass the ball in youth football is to roll the QB out or to utilize the quick passing game (slants, quick outs, go routes).  Rolling your QB out will allow your QB to see the field and read the coverage easier.  Having the QB throw a corner or deep pattern from the pocket is asking a lot from a youth Quarterback. Rolling the quarterbacks out will also give the quarterback a run-pass option. The shotgun formation will give the QB additional time to throw.

Just because you are in the shotgun formation doesn’t mean you have to pass the football!  When you have an athletic QB, you can run plays to utilize his athletic ability. The quarterback trap, quarterback iso, roll out passing plays (run/pass option), and QB sweeps are probably the best plays. It is difficult for defenses to prepare for and defend a mobile QB.  Having a quarterback that is a running threat also takes away the defense’s extra defender.

Coaching Tips for the shotgun formation in youth football:

  • Have multiple kids that can execute shotgun snaps.
  • Hammer home that the QB’s first responsibility is to catch and secure shotgun snap.
  • Practice shotgun snaps whenever you can. Practice snaps before, during, and after practice.
  • You can put the quarterback in the shotgun in any offense.

Shotgun Wing T Playbook:

Shotgun Wing t playbook

  • Fast, deceptive, & explosive offense.
  • Makes the defense defend the QB as a running  & passing threat.
  • Series of plays, every play sets another play up.
  • Explosive play-action passing game.
  • Gives your offense an identity.
  • Excellent blocking scheme that utilizes blocking angles.
  • Attack the defense with run and passing plays off of jet motion.

Score points and take it to the defense with this: Shotgun Wing T Playbook.

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