Reverse Football Play

Taking Advantage of Defenses Using the Reverse Football Play

Many coaches view the reverse as a type of “trick” or “gadget” play. Depending on your definition of either term, it can be a very effective equalizer to what a defense gives you. The reverse takes advantage of fast-flow defenses and secondaries that rotate to motion, backfield action, or both. Also, it is a great play to run off of your perimeter run game (OSZ, Toss, Option, Jet Sweep, etc.).

Reverse Football Play Rules
Off of Gun Triple Option Action

QB, TB, PS Slot – Fake gun triple action.
BS Slot – Run Pitch. Must have depth to clear PS WR running the reverse.
PS WR – Run reverse path in between QB and BS Slot running the pitch. Catch reverse and follow pulling OG.
BS WR – Crack the Safety.
PS OL – Block #1 and #2 DL respectively.
C – Block on for 1-1000, release for level 2 defender to the reverse side.
BSG – Block on for 1-1000, release for CB or level 1 defender to the reverse side.
BST – “Seal and Peel” block on EMOLOS (end man on line of scrimmage).

In conclusion, the reverse is a great play to have for key points in the game. When should you use it? 1st and 10 near midfield? 2nd and 3 during a tie game in the 4th quarter? How about on 4th and 11 in overtime of a state playoff game (as shown in video clip below)???

Coach Ross Maddalon is an Assistant Football Coach at North Burlington County Regional High School.  Follow Coach Ross on Twitter: @MadDawgFBall

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