QB Sweep Play-Wishbone Formation

QB Sweep Play-Wishbone Formation

QB Sweep Play-Wishbone Formation

The QB sweep play out of the wishbone formation is a very effective play in youth football. This play is especially effective at the younger age levels of youth football. When you have a duel threat QB you need to utilize him. This QB sweep play will have the two halfbacks and fullback lead blocking. The offensive linemen will reach block and the backside linemen will cut off defenders pursuing to the football.

QB: Take snap, turn and run outside behind the halfbacks and fullback lead blocks. It is important that the QB opens up to the opposite side and gets some depth. This will give the lead blockers time to get in front of the QB.

Left Halfback: Lead block, looking to block the cornerback or safety flying up.

Right Halfback: Lead block, help block defensive end or outside linebacker depending on the defense you are seeing. The play-side tight-end’s reach block isn’t an easy block.

Fullback: Lead block, look to block any defender getting penetration inside. Look to lead block from the inside- out.

Right Tight-end: Reach block defensive end or outside linebacker. Reach end man on the line of scrimmage. The reach block is an effort block, any linemen that is required to reach block a defender must move their feet.

Right Tackle: Reach Block.

Right Guard: Reach Block.

Center: Step play-side, reach block.

Left Guard: Step play-side, cut off.

Left Tackle: Step play-side, cut off.

Left Tight-end: Step play-side, cut off.

QB Sweep Play-Wishbone Formation Coaching Points

  • This play is very easy to install.
  • This is pretty much a stretch play to the outside.
  • The QB needs to follow his lead blockers and get up-field.
    Lead blockers and QB must run full speed, no indecisiveness. Get outside, and get up field.
  • The slower this play takes to get outside the more time the defense has to get to the ball carrier.
  • Very effective play on the younger age levels of youth football.

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