Preparation for the 2013 Youth Football Season

2013 Youth Football Season

We are less than three months away from the first day of football practice.  It is about the time of the year where my coaching staff and I will start preparing for the season.  Our youth football organization will be having a free speed and agility and a free football camp. This will allow us to measure the athletic ability of our incoming players. I moved down to a younger age group this year and I know very little about the majority of my players.  These camps the next couple of weeks will tell me a lot about the physical ability of my players.

Here are the goals of this free speed and agility camp (this weekend):

  • Gauge our players’ physical ability.
  • See who is explosive.
  • Meet and leave a good first impression on the parents.
  • Create excitement about the upcoming season.
  • Give the kids a speed and agility pamphlet so they can work on these drills at home.
  • Give out a nutrition and hydration guide.
  • Drive early and additional signups for the upcoming season.
Football Drills
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Here are the goals of our free two-day youth football camp (end of June):

  • Gauge our athletes’ physical ability.
  • See who is aggressive (by hitting pads and sleds).
  • Work on block shedding.
  • Work on run blocking.
  • Pass coverage.
  • Stances.
  • Passing routes and stalk blocking.
  • QB Throwing and center/QB snap exchange.
  • Form tackling. Teach the kids how to tackle SAFELY and effectively.
  • Entire kicking game.
  • Defensive pursuit to the football.
  • Interact with parents. We want to create another good impression on them.
  • Give the team a playbook, rules of our team/goals, and another nutrition and hydration guide.

We will also have a couple of coach meetings leading up to the season. It is vital that every coach understands the scheme and what is expected. We want all the coaches to understand their responsibilities and how to execute them properly.  We run a super up-tempo practice. This means everything we do is fast.  To run a successful super tempo practice, it is crucial to have all practices scripted and to have all the coaches on the same page.

Good Luck!

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