Play Better in Space by Utilizing the Perimeter Drill

Play Better in Space by Utilizing the Perimeter Drill

In the modern game one of the most important parts of the field is the flats. Offenses are attacking these areas in an attempt to force the defense to allocate players outside. This then opens up the run game. When numbers are even the flats are won by the team whose players can execute their skills the best. The Perimeter Drill works on these specific skills so that your players have the necessary skills to win the flats with even numbers.

Play Better in Space by Utilizing the Perimeter Drill

The Perimeter Drill is a simple drill that allows the defense and offense to work these skills in a competitive environment. The specific layout of the drill can vary depending on the offense that you run or will be going against that week, but the general structure remains the same. The offense will align with two or three receivers around the numbers. The defense will align to the offensive formation. If there is a Trips formation the defense should bring an overhang player out to help defend the formation. If it is a two formation set the defense needs to work on defending the formation with and without the overhang defender.

Once the players are aligned the offense will run it’s play and the defense will work on it’s coverage. There are three categories of plays that the offense can run. The first is a perimeter screen like a Jail or Bubble. The offense can also run an outside run with the RB who is aligned in the backfield. The last option for the offense is to run a passing concept. If there are enough players it helps to have a player lined up as the Tackle to give the defense a read.


From an offensive perspective the primary goal is to improve blocking on the perimeter. These do not need to be home run blocks, instead it is much more important that the receivers guarantee that they will make contact. Great blockers have a knack for timing. It is very difficult to maintain a perimeter block over 2 seconds. The great blocking receivers have an ability to make the block at the exact time to free up the runner. Again this is a skill that needs to be worked on an improved.


On the defensive side of the ball the main area of concentration is block destruction. The ability to deal with blocks while maintaining leverage is the best way to dominate the perimeter. The defense will always be short on numbers. If the defenders on the perimeter are able to take on a block and make a tackle, they give the defense the ability to use less defenders on the perimeter and stay sound against the run.

The perimeter has become the scene for many of the top battles in modern football. The defender vs. blocker battles that used to occur inside the box have moved out to the flats and occur in space. If you want to win these battles it’s important that you work on the specific skills that are required.

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