Option Play for Youth Football- Lead Option

Lead option is a youth football play that I have ran with much success. Lead option is easy to instruct and it will be a lights out play for your offense. This play features the split-end split out to the left, lined up on the line of scrimmage. There is also a receiver split out to the right, off the line of scrimmage. The QB is in the shotgun formation with an off-set running back to his right.  There is also one tight-end to the right along with a wing back to the left. There are two guards, two tackle, and a center of course.

Lead Option Football PlayThe back side linemen will secure their inside gap then release looking to cut off defenders running to the football. The center and right guard will double team the nose guard, then the right guard will combo off onto the middle linebacker.  The right tackle and tight-end will double team the defensive tackle, then the right tackle will combo off onto the Strong side (S) linebacker. If the tight-end cannot get to the S linebacker because the S linebacker scrapped across fast, the TE must look to take first defender inside of him pursuing the football.  The wing back will come in motion on the first sound of the QB (make sure the motion back does not go or lean forward until the ball is snapped). The WB must keep a good pitch relationship with the QB. We want the pitch back to be about 5-6  yard depth and 2’ in ahead of the QB. The off-set running back  will lead block, taking first defender around the defensive end.

The QB’s read is the defensive end.  Once the QB gets the snap he attacks the outside hip of the tight-end’s double team block. The QB cannot belly or get too flat along the line of scrimmage-we want this play to attack downhill. Now, if the defensive end squeezes down with the tight-end or attacks the QB, the QB must pitch the ball to the pitch back.  If the Defensive end sits in his 9 technique, or gets up field the QB gets right behind the tight-end and tackle double team block.  What usually happens when running the lead option football play on the youth football level is that defensive end will take the QB, making him pitch the ball.  You can also have your QB get the snap and run right at the defensive end. Attacking the DE will make it an automatic pitch. If you decide to implement the lead option football play make sure you practice your pitch with the QB. You do not want to put the ball on the ground because of a bad pitch. Also, practice having your QB step away from the contact as he pitches the football. This will soften the blow from the defender.

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