Off-Season Youth Football Camps and Clinics

Off-Season Youth Football Camps and Clinics

Off-season Youth Football Camps and Clinics

This off-season my players in my organization will be participating in a 10 week football related winter speed and agility clinic. This is an excellent way to keep tabs on our players. This is also a good way to keep the kids focused on football during the offense. The goal of this clinic is too get the kids in shape and develop speed and agility.

We will be promoting this speed clinic pretty aggressively. This will hopefully help drive some new sign ups to our football organization. The organization I am currently coaching in (been here the past 2 seasons) is known as a “cheer-leading” organization. Our cheer program competes in the nationals on a consistent basis. We have one of the most prestige cheer programs in the country. The idea behind this speed camp is to help make a statement that we are not only a cheer organization.  These camps will help show parents that we take the football serious.

I came to this organization two seasons ago knowing it had some real football struggles. I would be lying if I said this was not difficult or frustrating at times. We are in the toughest youth football league in the state and it is tough to compete with some of these other teams.  Our older teams played a bit more competitive and our younger kids look good this past season. I am also proud that I took a group no one wanted and actually won with them!
Doing things like football camps, speed and agility clinics/camps, and 7 on 7 flag leagues are all great ways to keep kids focused on football. It is a great way for kids to bond and to stay in shape during the offense. During our 10 week speed program we will be installing a few base plays either a few minutes before or after the speed and agility session. We will not only get a jump start on our conditioning, but we will get a head start on our offense.

Our off-season activities will include the following:

January: 10 week speed and agility camp.

March/April: 7 on 7 touch football league.

June: Free speed and agility camp.

July: Free youth football camp. 

I strongly suggest setting up camps/clinics which will help keep kids interested in your organization. It will also drive some new sign ups and it will keep the kids in football shape during the offense.

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