Nutrition Matters – 7 Tips to Optimal Health

Fresh Fruit

Think optimal.  Nutrition Matters – 7 Tips to Optimal Health

  1. Stay far far away from fast food restaurants. The combination of sodium, fat and sugar is a recipe for nutritional disaster. Do you truly know what ingredients are being used in the food prepared at your local fast food establishment?  Get cooking!
  2. Buy a ton of fresh fruit, including staples like bananas (vitamins B6, potassium), oranges/grapefruit (vitamin C) and apples (excellent source of energy) and always have fruit accessible. Be an example for your kid. If you are often snacking on a piece of fruit, he will want to as well. Explain how eating fruit will provide him with the nutrition that he’ll need to dominate on the football field, to outlast his opponent.  Visit your local Farmer’s Market for the best quality.
  3. One-third of your dinner plate should be green- spinach, broccoli or salads. Leafy greens offer a great source of protein, with little or no fat. When eaten raw, they contain a high concentration of water that helps keep athletes stay hydrated. I usually cook spinach in a pan with chopped garlic, black pepper and olive oil. Great meal complete in just 5 minutes!
  4. The sweet potato is a power food. It’s a food that kids will not mind consuming because of the great taste while you’ll be happy to know the nutritional benefit is through the roof. Vitamin A, anti-inflammatory benefits, and blood sugar regulating nutrients are all present within a sweet potato.
  5. Hydrate with water, squeeze in some fresh lime for a twist.
  6. Natural peanut butter for a protein boost (that is if your child does not have a peanut/nut allergy). Spread this on whole wheat bread with fresh strawberries. Remember, the peanut butter should have one ingredient- peanuts.
  7. Substitute sugar with dates. You can buy dates in your neighborhood supermarket, it’s an awesome sugar alternative!

Get these good eating habits instilled in your kids now! Have a nutrition tip? Include it in the comments below.

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