Middle Linebacker Twist Blitz out of the 3-4 Defense

The Middle Linebacker Twist Blitz out of the 3-4 Defense is a great blitz against spread offenses. This blitz is great because it completely takes away one side of the field (blitz side). This blitz is great against interior, off-tackle, and outside hitting plays. The offense will have a difficult time picking up this blitz. You will always have at least one free running defender.  Executing this blitz out of the 3-4 defense will give you several different coverage options. You can play zone coverage behind this blitz or you can play man coverage as well. The two high safety structure allows you to roll one of the safeties down for coverage or to even help out against the run.

T/N: Slant blitz side A-gap. If you have a good defensive tackle then make him a two-gapper. Meaning, he will be responsible for both A-gaps. If that is the case the (T) must shock and shed towards the ball carrier. Penetration isn’t critical, he must keep the QB in the pocket and make sure he holds his interior gaps.

RE: Backside contain.

LE: Slant B-gap. Dip and Rip!

Inside backer: Read step B-gap, then pursuit. Zone coverage: hook to curl.

MIDDLE Backer: Blitz C-gap. Once the QB begins his cadence that is when the MIKE (M) starts creeping up (stacked behind the LE). Once the ball is snapped he blitzes C-gap.

SAM Backer: Once the QB begins his cadence the SAM starts creeping in. Once the ball is snapped he blitzes off of the edge.

WILL Backer: Backside contain player. Zone coverage: collision # 2 and play curl zone. If he is to the boundary side, he will play hook zone.

CB: Deep 3rd coverage

CB: Deep 3rd coverage

SS: Roll down and take away the hot throw, undercut slant or attack any quick screens. He should always look to play curl to flat. If you are playing man coverage he has the #2 receiver on his side.  Roll down once QB begins his cadence.

FS: Roll to middle, deep middle 3rd coverage. Roll to the middle 3rd once the QB begins his cadence.

Middle Linebacker Twist Blitz out of the 3-4 Defense

Coaching Points 

  • The (M) must blitz tightly off of the offensive tackle. You don’t need two defenders coming off of the edge. If that offensive tackle down blocks, the (M) must squeeze down that distance and be aware of a trap/kick-out or wham block.
  • The (S) is the primary force player, he must always, maintain outside leverage.
  • Presnap show two deep safety look, once the QB begins his cadence that is when the players start creeping up and the safeties begin to roll their coverage.
  • Attack on ball movement, don’t jump bite on hard counts. WATCH THE BALL.
  • Blitzing defenders need to creep up once the QB begins his cadence. You can’t have linebackers blitzing from 4 to 5 yards off of the line of scrimmage because they will never get there.

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