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Fire Zone Blitz out of the 3-4 Defense

The fire zone blitz out of the 3-4 defense is an excellent blitz.  This blitz is strong against the run and it also very strong against the pass. This is an excellent way to attack and confuse blocking schemes. This blitz takes away the wide side of the field and really forces the QB to make a quick decision. You can also alter  some aspects of this blitz depending on the offense you are facing (do they have a mobile QB or not). Cover 3 is played behind this blitz so that the deep throw can be defended as well.

Fire Zone Blitz out  of the 3-4 Defense

T: Slant strong side A-gap. You can have him slant either way.

E: Slant B-gap. You can have him slant C-gap to help defend against a mobile QB that likes to get outside.

E: Dip and rip, slant B-gap.

M (field):A-gap (run),  hook to curl zone coverage (pass). You can also have him spy the QB if he is mobile.

M: Blitz C-gap. Once the cadence begins have the M start creeping up and over a little bit. Ball is snapped he must attack. No half-hearted blitzes.

S: Backside contain (run), hook zone (pass).

W: Line up over #2 (S) maintaining inside leverage.  Show that he is playing man coverage. Once the QB begins his cadence start creeping in and blitz off the edge on ball movement. It’s important that the W maintains outside leverage.

SS: Pre-snap, show two deep look. Once the QB begins his cadence, roll down.  The (SS) is the ally player (run), and has curl to flat (pass).

FS: Roll to middle 3rd once the QB begins his cadence. Show two deep pre-snap.

CB (field): Deep 3rd zone (pass), secondary force (run).

CB (boundary): Deep 3rd (pass), secondary force (run).

Coaching Points 

  • You can have the S jam the TE (Y) and take away the TE quick pop. You can have him blitz off the edge or you can have him just sit in a hook zone. There are several different options. It really depends on the team you are playing.
  • All blitzing defenders need to attack. Half-hearted blitzes will get your defense beat. Attack on ball movement and blitz with proper leverage.
  • Blitz strategically. If you scout your opponents, you can alter this blitz slightly to defend against your opponent’s tendencies and/or player groupings.
  • Generate excitement about this blitz.  Practice it often during the week and have fun with it.

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