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Youth Football Online All Star Selection- Dame Payne JR

Dame Payne Jr.

All Star Selection- Dame Payne JR

Name: Dame Payne Jr.

Position: Center/TE / DT

State: Michigan

Favorite NFL Team: Redskins

Favorite Class: History

Favorite Book:  ‘The Secret Garden’ by F.H Burnett. Likes non-fiction books, doesn’t like the fake stuff.

Desired Superpower: Telekinesis

Goals: Make it to the NFL. Be the best he can be and just keep getting better every day.

Biggest Strength: Ability to beat blocks and get penetration into the backfield. Effort.

Meet our newest Youth Football Online All-Star selection-Dame Payne JR. Dame is a big (5’9″, 165 pounds), strong kid with great athleticism. As far as defense goes, he is difficult to block, the “perfect storm” on D. Dame does an excellent job getting off the football and disrupting a play. He uses his hands well to beat blocks.  A big point of notice is that Dame is always around the football. Any good defender, from youth football to the NFL, is always able to get to the ball carrier. Dame refuses to be blocked and plays full go consistently.  This kid also does a nice job of keep his legs pumping. Dame never stops his feet, always pumping.  “To be a good Defensive Tackle, you have to practice footwork and timing. Have to read the offense..” says Dame.  This is a big reason why young Dame is so dominant on the defensive line.  Another reason for his dominance is his relentless effort.  We asked Dame if he had any tips for other defensive linemen he stated- “Always give your all, never give up”. 

Dame’s dominance is not limited to the defensive line. Dame excels on the offensive line as well.Dame does a nice job of driving his legs and never giving up on his blocks. He is consistent with his snapping and get off.  He also does a nice job using his hands to engage the defenders. He gets his hands inside and drives his legs consistently. I always said that run blocking is an attitude. Successful O-linemen all have one thing in common, a nasty attitude. All the great offensive linemen play with great attitude-effort- toughness and clearly Dame plays OL with all these qualities. He also plays TE and is able to run sharp routes.  This kid will excel at any position on the field and has a bright football future. He has the attitude to be successful.

Dame Payne Jr. is the number 1 ranked 5th grade Defensive Lineman by the National Sports Report Youth Ranking. 

All Star Selection- Dame Payne JR

Dame talked fondly about his coach, mentioning coach is tough on his kids. “Coach gives us two chances to get it right; he really pushes us about our grades” says Dame. He spends the majority of his off-season training and exercising. He attends football camps and enjoys playing basketball and running track and field.

Dame Payne takes schoolwork seriously, carrying a 4.0 GPA, he understands the importance of doing well in the classroom. “Hard work and dedication on the field pays off, but school is always first”. When asked to reveal his secret to doing well in school, Dame said – “Always pay attention to the teacher, read a lot and do your homework”.


Dame is a very dominating presence on the line of scrimmage. Check out his highlight video. He is a beast!