Cross Blitz- 62 Defense

Cross Blitz- 62 Defense

The 62 defense is a good defense for stopping the run. It features 6 down linemen,  two linebackers, two corners, and a safety. There are a couple of different 62 defense alignments. This 62 defense is more of a gap defense.  I do like having the wide tackles (E in C-gap) because it will help stop the off-tackle and sweep play. The off-tackle and sweep play are probably the most common youth football plays.  If you can put dominate players at the wide tackle positions you will create havoc. The (L) (R) can be used as contain players and can be used as coverage players when offenses spread the field.

There are also many options you can do with the middle safety. You can use him as your force player on wide side of the field (forces ball carrier inside). You can have him come down in the box to defend the run, or you can use him as a cover defender when teams run spread.  The safety also gives you the option to play man to man or zone coverage.

Gap Assignments 

T:  A-gap.

T: A-gap.

E: Slant B-gap, cross face of offensive tackle.

E: C-gap

R: Contain

L: Contain

M: B-gap to pursuit

S: Slant outside to C-gap

C: Deep 3rd

C: Deep 3rd

S: Deep middle 3rd

The only potential issue is that if the running back is able to find a crease, he can go for a big play. The 62 defense is a wide defense that is spread across the field horizontally, which means there aren’t many defenders free to pursuit to the ball carrier. It is absolutely vital that the defensive linemen anchor their gaps.

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