Box Jumps for Explosiveness

Box jumps are super lower body strength and explosiveness. Your youth football athlete(s) will certainly benefit from including these exercises in his training routine. Before ‘jumping’ into what seems like a simple exercise, you will need to practice these three components of the box jump-

  1. Arm Movement
  2. Liftoff
  3. Landing
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Arm movement

Warmups: Raise Arms and proceed to swing down in sweeping motion. Rotate shoulders naturally, as they are intended to rotate.  Practice this 10 reps.

This motion is similar to how a speed skaters or a skiers generate speed, clinch fists, it is with intent, no flailing arms.


We need the athlete’s hips and shoulders to drive through.

Keep elbows in, Stand feet inside shoulder width apart.

Bend legs, lean slightly forward, dip hips forward with chest up. Practice slight liftoff.

Tip: Remember to practice using your athlete’s arms in a sweeping motion at takeoff to generate power and get height. Keep in control. 


The box used in this exercise for youth football athletes, it should not be a challenge to complete. Keep the box low and focus on technique.

Address feet positioning, are they landing squarely on the box? Correction needed if heals are hanging off in a precarious position.

Land feet wider on top of box, feet come together while landing off the box. Repeat.

Ensure you have a sturdy box jump training tool and be mindful of accident prevention.

Here’s a great video on the box jump–

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