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Blitzing 101 : Building a System | Blitzing in Youth Football

Blitzing in Youth Football

Since coaching defense, I have had the opportunity to coach many different schemes including the 3-4, 3-3, 4-4, 4-2-5, and I have come to conclusion that was brought up by Kirby Smith you are either an ODD or OVER. Do not get caught up in the name and work on your structure of your defense. In any scheme, how do you communicate your blitz and stunt structure? Without a common language that your kids understand this will become quite comfortable. Do what your kids do best, and the right language is one key.

Blitz 101: Building a System | Blitzing in Youth Football

I am going to cover how I have communicated our blitzes/stunts over the years. I have done it many different ways and I will keep evolving looking for the best way possible for my kids.

Single Gap Blitzes

We call these Fire Blitzes and its simply tagging a Fire call with the linebacker. The linebacker called will blitz their gap assignment.

Ex. Sam Fire

The Sam is assigned to the “B” gap and blitzes that gap accordingly.

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Switch Stunts/Blitzes

In our 30 stack scheme, our defensive linemen are paired up with an inside linebacker. A switch stunt tells them to “switch” gap responsibility.

Ex. Mike Switch


The Mike will communicate which “A” gap he is blitzing by tapping the nose before the snap. We can also combine our switches and run them at the same time. 

Ex. SAW (Sam & Will Switch)


Combo Pressures (DL Movements & Blitzes)


We use simple one-word calls to combine our DL movements and blitzes. We use Shark (Strong) and Whale (Weak) for our America blitz that is probably one of the most used schemes in the country.

The Sam is going to blitz off the edge at the nearest backs upfield shoulder – nobody is allowed to cross his face. The strong end is going long stick into the “A” gap – he must read the guard’s movement. If attacks him, he must fight to get into that “A” gap and if the guards goes away get skinny and chase down the line. The Mike is going to blitz the “B” gap off the butt of the DE who is coming down to the “A” gap.


In the end, find the language that makes the most sense to your kids. We are able to get creative and aggressive with our system. I am always looking for better ideas and constantly looking to improve our language and allow our kids to play fast. Kids do the best when they get to play fast and do not get held back with overthinking.

Once again always reach out if you have any questions or ideas.

Mike Wilson

Head Coach

A.P. Schalick High School, New Jersey

Twitter: @wilson2882

Email: [email protected]