Blast Play with Short Shift | Inverted Wishbone

The Blast Play is a simple play that will get you multiple blockers at the point of attack. It’s a great short yardage play that is a great go-to when you need some tough yards. I went to a high school football game last season and saw a team run this Blast play but they implemented a short shift. The play didn’t hit big for them, but I love the concept of it (see video below). You can see pre-snap, the backfield is balanced- pretty much making the defense have to defend both sides of the formation. If the defense over shifts to the strength (Tight-end side), you can easily do this backfield shift to weak side and run Blast weak.

Blast Play with Short Shift

inverted wishbone formation










Short shifting is great because it will allow you to outnumber the defense at the point of attack. The defense does not have a lot of time to adjust pre-snap, especially the first few times you run this play. The back starts in their base alignment, and then shift over to the left. It’s important that the shifting player gets reset for a full second before the football is snapped.

Blast Play Blocking Scheme

Blast Play with Short Shift










Center: Base block the nose guard. If he is facing double A-gap defenders, he will block the backside A-gap defender.

Right Guard: Base defensive tackle.

Right Tackle: Base block the defensive end.

Left Guard: Work onto linebacker. If he has an inside gap defender he needs to block him. You also have the option to have the LG double team the nose guard with the Center.

Left Tackle: Base block the defensive tackle.

Tight-end: Base out the defensive end.

Split-end: Stalk block the CB. You can also have the SE outside release and run off.

1 (QB): Catch snap, hand to the (2), carry out fake.

2: Take handoff, aiming point is the outside foot of the (LT). Look to cut off of the (4)’s lead block.

3: Lead block, block outside linebacker.

4: Lead block, look inside to out, block middle linebacker. If there is interior penetration he needs to plug it up.

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