“Alabama” Blitz out of the 4-4

“Alabama” Blitz out of the 4-4

The “Alabama” blitz is a blitz play that sends all 8 defenders in the box after the offense. Each gap has a defender rushing through. This is an all out blitz, so if your players don’t make a play the offense can really capitalize. It is critical that your blitzing defenders maintain gap integrity. If the defenders do not maintain gap responsibilities there will be big seams for the running backs to run through.  Do not go around blocks, RIP THROUGH blocks. (Alabama- means all)

Nose (N): A-gap.

Tackle (T): A-gap.

Defensive end (E): C-gap.

Defensive end (E): C-gap.

Middle Backer (M): Force B-gap. Stacked behind the (T).

Weak Backer (W): Force B-gap. Stacked behind the (N).

Rip Backer (R): Contain.

Leo Backer (L): Contain.

Cornerback (C): Deep 3rd.

Cornerback (C): Deep 3rd.

Safety (S): Deep middle 3rd.

This play can be executed out of the 4-4 stack defense as well.

Coaching Points:

  • Don’t want your players showing blitz to early, or too late.
  • The defenders that are blitzing better blitz! Get there!
  • You live by the blitz, you die by the blitz. If 8 defenders are rushing and don’t get there, the offense can pop a big play.
  • I would recommend playing zone coverage behind the blitz. You can either play cover 3, or even a cover 2 with the wide side cornerback playing the flat or reading a tight-end.
  • Rip through blocks- do not go around them.

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