924 Elite

924 Elite Sports and Reaction

924 Elite is a premier youth sports and mentoring organization based in Mishawaka, Indiana.

Vision: is to enhance the quality of life and wellness in Northern Indiana’s youth through sports.

Mission: The mission of 924 Elite is to mentor youth emphasizing education, building character, improving performance, and reducing childhood obesity through the paradigm of athletics.

Sports Offered: 

  • NFL Flag Football
  • Track
  • Basketball
  • Women’s Kickball

924 Elite offers multiple sports programming serving youth ages 4-14.

924 Elite was created by Stephen Ward who is a former multiple sport athlete, and a successful coach of multiple sports for 15 years.  924 Elite believes that there isn’t a better tool than athletics to teach kids valuable life skills in a fun environment.  Self discipline, character building, teamwork, and sportsmanship are just a few lessons that 924 Elite pride themselves on.

Obesity now  affects 17 % of all the children and adolescents in the Unite States, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.  Indiana has the 8th highest obesity rate in the country.  Obesity leads to chronic illness and poor quality of life. It also takes a severe financial toll on all of us. 924 Elite’s goal is to prevent obesity by keeping kids active.  924 Elites sports and recreation programs can help youth establish lifelong, healthy, and physical activity patterns. Staying active reduces feelings of depression and anxiety; help control weight and obesity. It also builds and maintains healthy bones, muscles, and joints.

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