5 Reasons Why the NFL HAD to Suspend Tom Brady

deflate gate

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has dropped the gauntlet down on the ‘deflate-gate’ scandal. The verdict translates to a 4 game suspension for the reigning Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady. It seems like everyone in the sports world has an opinion on this subject. At YFO, we ask that the NFL be fair and firm to set a proper example for the millions of youth football athletes across the world watching.

Twelve and half to thirteen and a half pounds per square inch, the official NFL rules state balls are to be inflated to these specifications. Deflating footballs could provide a distinct advantage for a team as the football then becomes easier to throw, catch and hold on to. One of the sillier rules that the NFL should immediately reconsider says that each team, while on offense, may use their own football. One set of game balls used by both teams would have nullified any advantage that the Patriots could have had by using deflated pigskins.

Many argue that the Patriots would have won the AFC Championship game regardless, but the point is lost with that argument. Play the game fair and square. If you cheat, you are going to get caught and you will have to pay the consequences.

Here’s 5 reasons why the NFL had to suspend Tom Brady:

1. Evidence (in the form of text messages) was abundant therefore the NFL had to take appropriate action.

2. Tells us that no one is above the rules and there are consequences for certain actions. If you’re going to suspend a future hall-of-famer then you’re amplifying the message that no one is immune to breaking the rules.

3. A multi-game suspension sends a message to the rest of the league. I doubt any player or team will want to go through the punishment or embarrassment of what we have seen with deflate-gate.

4. As an added consequence of deflate-gate, the Patriots organization have lost multiple draft picks and incurred a hefty million dollar fine.  Organizations and owners may have more of an interest to pay attention to what’s happening with their teams. I’m sure Bob Kraft will be more cognizant going forward.

5. Helps keep the sanctity of football. Cheating is not to be tolerated in the sport as the game is based on character building not dishonesty! It sends the wrong message to kids everywhere.

Brady is expected to appeal the decision,  this saga is set to continue into the next chapter.


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