Coaching Tips for Offense

Coaching Tips for Offense- Football Position Techniques

Offensive Line

Offensive line blocking technique for youth footballThe game of football is won at the line of scrimmage. If you control the line of scrimmage you will control the game.  Here are links to informative articles regarding coaching the offensive line.

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 Skilled Positions

Pway Football

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Play Calling

youth football wrist coach

Getting a good pre-snap read  of the defense is vital for calling the correct play. In youth football you cannot afford to waste plays. Say you call an off tackle power play, your team comes out of the huddle and gets down in their three point stance . After calling the play you right away look to the defensive alignment and see that they are aligned perfectly to stop this play, now what?  Must coaches just call plays and hope they work. What I would suggest is having a no huddle scheme. The no huddle will allow the play caller to see how the defense is lined up and call the right play. Do not guess and call plays- see how the defense is aligned and make the proper play call. Many times athletes will bail out poor play calling.

Have checkouts, Checkouts meaning if you call a play and the defense is aligned to stop it,  make sure you have a verbal word that will check out of the play and into a play that will work. For example, if I call heavy right 36 power (off tackle play) and the defensive is aligned to stop it I will check out of it. If I see that they are strong inside but weak on the outside then I will check out of the power play into a sweep- I will yell RIP Nasa then my QB will say it to the offense at the line of scrimmage. RIP Nasa (have a few different code words) is just code word for heavy right 38 rocket sweep-which is a play that attacks the edge of the defense. Long Story short if you want to call the right play every time create a no huddle scheme and create check out (audibles) calls. You can also just do a “check with coach” and use a verbal or visual signals to call a play from the sidelines.

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Adjusting Your Youth Football Offense to Your Talent

YFO All-Star Tre Darden

YFO All-Star Tre Darden

Adjusting your offense to your team’s talent level is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of coaching. Time after time I see coaches running plays that they seen on TV or at a local college football game. They might work on the college level but sometimes it will not get it done on the youth football level.

To be a successful youth football offense you must be able to attack all areas of the field. You have to be able to pound the ball inside, attack the edge, and pass on the defense. You do not want to be one dimensional. You need to have a series based scheme.  A series based offense has plays that set each other up. The counter plays work very well in youth football. It is not difficult to deceive youth football defenses. Make a defense look instead of reacting will neutralize any physical advantage the D might have.

I will also hear that “my team is too slow, I cannot get outside”.  Well there are things you can do to allow your team to attack the edge of the defense without having super fast athletes. In my Jet Wing T Series the jet motion not only attacks the edge of the defense quickly, but it uses the motion for misdirection plays.  If a team is physically dominate up front- then implement a double team blocking scheme or widen the line splits to create natural running lanes and space.  If you are having problems getting outside use a jet or rocket Sweep.

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Coaching Tips for Offense

  • Coaches, be upbeat and intense- or you WILL lose the their focus.
  • All coaches need to be on the same page. It is vital that you have smoothly operated practices. If your practices are not organized and scripted, the parents and players will see that disorganization and you WILL lose the their focus.
  • Productive- do not waste time, keep things moving-no walking on the field, and make sure no kids are standing around. Every player should be participating in practice.
  • Be friendly with parents! Take a minute or two to socialize with them. You want the parents buying into you and your assistant coaches.
  • Coach with enthusiasm.  It will rub off on the players. Be excited to be there.

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