YFO Youth Football Video Play Library

YFO Youth Football Video Plays on the Whiteboard

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  • Flex-bone playbook for immediate download.
  • Access to diverse video play library.
    • In-depth play video instruction on the whiteboard from experienced coaches, different levels of football.
    • Each play is thoroughly broken down with offensive line blocking rules.
    • Trick/Gadget plays that can be called when your team needs to make a big play.
Great Bonus!  Included is a 90 page Flexbone Offensive Playbook! This playbook breaks down every single play with detailed play diagrams, blocking scheme, and play descriptions.

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I just want to say this is a great area to review all different types of offenses and plays.  The videos help out a lot to demonstrate on what is being taught.

-Coach Mike

I enjoyed watching the plays drawn up on the dry erase board. It seems easier to learn the plays when you see coaching talking about them on video. There is also a great variety of plays and formations. It has a very diverse video play library. The membership area is also very easy to navigate- very simple structure. The running back slip screen is a home run every time!

-Coach Brett