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The Tackle Over Wing T Jet Series Video Playbook is a series of videos which gives you in-depth video instruction on how to install the Jet Wing T Offense. The video playbook is hosted on Vimeo (laser fast load speed) so that you can teach your coaches and players the offense visually. It can be viewed on your smartphone, tablet, or even downloaded and saved on your desktop or laptop.

This Wing T playbook video series can be easily accessed at anytime or any location (like the practice field or a meeting room). We recommend downloading the Vimeo App. You can sign into Vimeo with an email address or using Facebook. Once signed in, you can purchase the video series.


All plays in this Jet Wing T video playbook are drawn up against various defenses on the whiteboard. Each play is thoroughly broken down with offensive line and skilled position blocking rules. Most plays in this series feature a whiteboard breakdown as well as actual game footage.

This system utilizes a heavy formation (unbalanced/tackle-over) along with jet motion. The base play in this series is the Jet Sweep. All plays work off of the Jet Sweep. This is a system, not just a set of plays. All plays complement each other. If the defense commits to stopping one play, then they will open themselves up for another play in the series.

New videos will be upload on a monthly basis! So this video series will just keep getting better and better! 

Videos Included in Series:

  • Formation and Numbering System Overview
  • Line Splits
  • Snap Count & Motion Timing
  • Blocking Scheme
  • Heavy Right 38 Jet Sweep
  • Heavy Left 47 Jet Sweep
  • Heavy Right 36 Jet Power
  • Heavy Left 45 Jet Power
  • Heavy Right QB Wedge
  • Heavy Left QB Wedge
  • Heavy Right 38 Reverse Buck
  • Heavy Left 47 Reverse Buck
  • Heavy Right/ Split Right Post Wheel
  • Heavy Left / Splot Left Post Wheel
  • Heavy Right Quick Out
  • No Play / No Huddle

Bonus Videos

  • Ace Right 38 Jet Sweep
  • Ace Right/ Heavy Right 45 Jet Power
  • Ace Right 25 Counter Buck
  • Ace Right Post-Wheel

This series will have brand new videos uploaded on a monthly basis. This series is great for all levels of football and it will give your team an identity. It’s easy to install and it will give you a high powered, fast hitting offense. Even if you do not have fast players, this jet series will make you fast! If you already have fast players, this jet series will make you pretty much unstoppable.

Download: Tackle Over Jet Wing T Video Playbook for Youth Football 


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