Preventing Horse Play in Football Practice

Preventing Horse Play in Football Practice

Preventing Horse Play in Football Practice

Have Well Planned Youth Football Practices

  • Be organized.
  • Keep practice upbeat and intense.
  • Switch phases of practice with urgency.
  • Keep the youth football players busy. If they are busy they will remain focused. Make sure there are no kids standing around.

Keep the kids busy and they will have no time for horse play.

Get a Good Start

  • Getting a quick/productive start will set the tone for the entire practice. Getting the kids focused from the start is vital. If the kids are fooling around before practice make them do something. Have the kickers kicking, do snaps, throw and catch passing patterns. If the kids are at practice early they should be doing something.
  • From day 1 of the football season coaches need to squash any fooling around and horse play. Set the tone.

Football Coaches Responsibilities

  • All coaches need to be working. Every coach needs to have a job- this will keep practices productive.
  • Have as many coaches as possible. This will help manage the kids.
  • Minimize distractions- do not do or say things that will get the players out of focus. Once the kids lose focus it is hard to get them back.

Establish Rules and Standards

  • Creating rules for your youth football team is vital. The kids need to know what is expected of them.
  • Hold high standards and enforce them to every single player, all star or not.  Do not show favoritism towards certain kids,  the other kids will recognize that.

What are some other ways to prevent horse play in football practice? Comment below.

Preventing Horse Play in Football Practice
Article Name
Preventing Horse Play in Football Practice
Horse play in your youth football practice should not happen. Having practice plans and keeping the kids busy will deter the kids from fooling around in practice. If you keep the kids busy they will not have time for horse play.



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