Why Kids Need Football: Resilience

I used to think resilience was all about toughness, but I have come to realize, it is much more than that. Resilience is a key component of lifelong success, it is undeniable.

Fast Screen Options off of the Zone Run Game

It’s important to have different options when running or throwing the football. When we are spreading the field I like the idea of having screen plays attached to all our run plays.

Being Multiple in our Beast Package | Beast Formation Plays

The Beast Formation will allow you to outnumber and outflank the defense at the point of attack. This video talks about how we are able to be multiple in our Beast Package while keeping thing simple for our players.

Best Beast Formation Plays from our 2020 Season

Here’s a look at our best Beast Formation Plays from the 2020 season. Plays we executed- Power, Sweep, Switch, and Wham.

Zoom Chat E5: Blitzing out of the 3-5 Defense

Coach Greg joins Youth Football Online to talk about how he blitzes out of his 3-5 Defense

Gun T Playbook for Youth Football

Here is a video breakdown of our Gun T System for youth football. This video also includes actual game footage of these plays being executed.

Using the Jail Screen to Maximize the Bubble Screen

Most offenses in today’s game are looking to spread out the defense  and then take advantage of where they have a numbers advantage. One of the most popular ways to do this is with the Bubble route.

Direct Snap Offense: Blast Play

The Direct Snap Blast Play is great for youth football. This play utilizes an unbalanced line and gets the ball in the hands of your playmaker very quickly.

3 Blocking Tags That Will Take Your Offense to the Next Level

Adding tags to your core running plays will allow you to multiple, while keeping things simple for your kids. Tags will allow you to keep running your base plays when teams adjust and commit to stopping them.

QB Counter out of 20 Personnel Formation

Here is a look at our QB Counter Play. This play is straight out of our 20 Personnel Playbook.

Handling Big Defensive Tackles with the Hammer & Deuce Tag

Blocking disruptive defensive tackles can be very difficult for youth offensive linemen. However, we came up with two simple tags that will allow us to get those big and disruptive tackles blocked.

5 Great Run Plays for Mobile Quarterbacks

One of the most difficult things to defend from a defensive standpoint is a mobile Quarterback. When you have a mobile QB it forces the defense to have to defend the QB as a throwing and also a running threat.

Drawing Football Plays for 13 Minutes

I decided to take a couple minutes and draw my favorite youth football plays from the Shotgun Wing T and a few plays from the Beast Formation. Sit back and enjoy!

Gun Buck Sweep Read

The Gun Buck Sweep Read Play! This play is executed like your traditional Buck play but there is a READ element added to the scheme!

3 Ways to Handle a Disruptive Defensive Tackle

When you are playing a disruptive Wide Defensive Tackle it can be extremely frustrating for you as a coach and for your players. I consider a Wide DT a Defensive Tackle that lines up in the C-gap or in a 7 technique.

I Formation ISO Play to the 3-man Surface

ISO is one of the best plays in all of football. It’s simple, downhill play that can be installed very quickly.