Why Kids Need Football: Resilience

I used to think resilience was all about toughness, but I have come to realize, it is much more than that. Resilience is a key component of lifelong success, it is undeniable.

Zoom Chat E2: The Air Raid Offense for Youth Football with Coach Lasker

Coach Lasker joins YFO on Zoom Conference to talk about the Air Raid Offense and how it can be installed on the youth football level. Coach Lasker gives great insight into the philosophy, offensive line play, passing concepts, and the install process of the Air Raid.

Coaching the Combo and Double Team Block | Youth Football

The combo block is one of the best blocks in football. It’s a block that I feel is underutilized on the youth football level.

Stay at Home Football Part 6: Jet Series out of 11 Personnel

This Jet Series out of 11 Personnel features 3 plays- Jet Sweep, Q Power, & Q Counter. These plays all complement each other.

Controlling the Defense with the Oscar Play

The heart of creating an effective offense is the ability to create a system that allows you to do what you want to do and punish the defense when they react to it. In a Spread to Run System this often means that as a play caller you will change the play at the line […]

Jet Series out of 11 Personnel | 3 Play Series

This Jet Series out of 11 personnel (1 RB / 1 TE) is a three play series. These three plays are Jet Sweep, Q Power, and Q Counter.

Stay at Home Football Part 5: Inside Look at our Beast Formation Power Play

On this part of Stay at Home Football we take a look at our Beast Formation Power Concept. The Beast Formation is great because it allows you to outnumber and outflank the defensed at the point of attack.

10 ways to Motivate Athletes as a Youth Football Coach

The best coaches that I know are not only have great football minds, but they are elite motivators. There is so much more to coaching than just the x’s and o’s.

Zoom Chat E1: Why High School Coaches Need to be Plugged into Their Youth Football Feeder Programs

Coach Mike joins Youth Football Online for a discussion on why high school football programs needs to be involved in their local youth football feeder organizations. Coach Mike is doing some great things to keep his high school program plugged into their youth program.

Building a Program Philosophy and Team Culture

The first thing you need to do when you are building a program philosophy and team culture is to create a clear mission statement. When building your team’s / program’s culture it’s important that all coaches are models of that philosophy and culture.

Key Football Power Foods for Natural Energy

We tell our athletes all the time that their body will only run as good as the food they put into it. For me coaching football goes well beyond the X’s and O’s- we are life coaches.

Stay at Home Football Part 4: Blitzes out of the 3-5 Stack Defense

Here are our favorite blitzes out of the 3-5 Defense. We feature our Rip, Leo, Storm, Rain, Loop and Pinch pressures.

Get Your Tight-end Involved in the Passing Game | 6 Passing Concepts

If you have a good tight-end utilize him! Utilizing a tight-end stresses the defense by forcing them to defend him as a blocker and a receiving threat.

Facebook Live Whiteboard Episode 2: 4-4 Defense Blitz Package

The 4-4 Defense is great because it allows you to be multiple with your stunts, slants, and blitzes. Here Coach Jeff gives you 4 blitzes that you can package out of the 4-4 defense.

Pass Protection Fundamentals and Techniques | 5 Pass Pro Concepts

Pass protection is always a very difficult thing to teach on the youth football level. In order to be a good pass protection team you need to commit practice time to it.

Stay at Home Football Part 3: Leo Loop Blitz out of our 3-5 Stack

The Leo Loop Blitz is a gap exchange between our outside linebacker and our stacked linebacker. The Play-side DE slants down and our Rip and Dog linebackers scrap over the top.