Why Kids Need Football: Resilience

I used to think resilience was all about toughness, but I have come to realize, it is much more than that. Resilience is a key component of lifelong success, it is undeniable.

Using the Down Concept in the Spread Offense

Getting your best player the ball on the outside of the field is one of the timeless universal principles at all levels of football. There are a million ways to go about getting him the ball there, but all offensive and defensive game plans feature some level of attention to controlling the access to the […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Motion

On the youth football level motion is very underrated and under utilized. Motion creates alignment conflict for the defense.

Inside Zone with A Tackle Arch-Beating the Odd Front

As Spread Offenses become more and more popular defenses are continuing to adjust their fronts and structures to combat the Offense stretching the field horizontally. In the constant cat and mouse game that pits Offensive and Defensive Coordinators against each other the defense has made a move to the Odd Defense in order to counter […]

Tackle Trap Football Play | 2×2 Spread Formation

The Tackle Trap Football Play is a great play for youth football. It can be easily installed at any age level of football.

Shotgun Wing T Highlights

We lead our league in scoring the last two seasons running the Shotgun Wing T Offense. Get this playbook today.

3 New Plays We’re Installing this Season

We are thinking about adding these 3 plays to our playbook this season. These are great because they are concepts our kids already know- we’re just adding wrinkles to those concepts.

4 Ways to Run the Double Wing Power Play

The Double Wing Offense is one of the best offenses for youth football. It will allow you to get multiple blockers at the point of attack.

Understanding the Zone Blocking Scheme

Introduction  When it comes with understanding the zone blocking scheme in football-our base run play is known as inside zone and will be installed on day one of practice. Our scheme is rooted in the research done by Alex Gibbs, Joe Bugel, and Russ Grimm.

PAP Cross Package

Coach Darius joins Youth Football Online to talk about his crossing concept. Coach Darius goes into great detail about this concept and provides several game clips.

Wing T Trap Play for Youth Football

Here’s a couple of well-executed trap plays out of the Wing T offense.

Defending the Wing-T out of the 4-2-5 Defense

Since the Age of the Spread Offense one of the most unique offenses to defend has become the Delaware Wing-T. Teams around the country simply do not see the Wing-T as much as we used to 15 – 20 years ago.

2012 Wisconsin Run Game Playbook

Here’s a look at the 2012 Wisconsin run game playbook that I received a couple years ago at a coaching clinic.

Diesel Formation Plays: Buck and Wham

Here’s a look at our a formation we all Diesel. This is a formation we are going to run a lot next season.

Pistol Formation Toss Sweep

The Toss Sweep out of the Pistol Formation is easy to install and works very well on the youth football level. It’s a great way to get your athletes the ball in space very quickly.

5 Best Quick Game Passing Concepts

Here is a look at some of the best quick game passing concepts. These passing concepts can be implemented on the youth football level very easily.