3 Things Athletes Should be Doing During the Off-Season

The off-Season can be a difficult time for athletes. You are removed from your coaches and teammates.

Tackle Over Formation Rocket Series | Rocket Sweep

The Rocket Sweep is a great play because it allows you to get your athletes the ball in space very quickly. In addition, you only need to block 2-3 defenders to gain big time yardage.

Rocket Motion Tackle Over Formation Series | Sweep, Belly, and Trap

Rocket Motion Tackle Over Formation Series is great for youth football for several reasons. In youth football defenses will typically not adjust at all or they will over shift to unbalanced formations.

5 Effective Ways to use the H-back in the Run Game | Spread Offense

There are several different ways an offense can utilize the H-back. The H-back will give you several different run, blocking, and passing options.

Coaching the H Back in the Spread Offense

The H Back is one of the most difficult positions to coach because of its versatility and the amount of different skills they must learn. For an H Back to be truly successful they must know the entire run game and the complete passing game.

Using the Flat Tag Off of Inside Zone

One of the major benefits of basing your offense out of the Inside Zone and Power schemes is the ability to quickly change the play with simple tags. The Flat Tag is an easy tag that can change the appearance of the Inside Zone and get the ball in the hands of your playmaker in […]

Twins Right Formation Power / Counter Bubble RPO

The Twins Formation is a great formation because it allows you to spread the field, while still maintaining a strong inside run threat. The twin receiver side will pull defenders out of the box and the H back will give you several different interior blocking options.

Developing the Swarm Mentality on Defense

Championship defenses all have one thing in common- their defenders get to the ball carrier. We tell our players from day 1 that if they can’t or aren’t willing to hustle to the ball carrier then they will not be playing very much defense.

Utilizing the Hitch Passing Concept Effectively | Implementing the Close Tag

One of the things we discovered was one of the simplest route adjustments I’ve ever seen. We simply used our Close tag on our all hitches route.

4-3 Defense Blitz Package With Man Free Coverage

The 4-3 Defense allows you to be multiple and it also allows you to implement several different kinds of blitzes. There are several different types of coverages that can be implemented as well.

YFO All-Stars Select Joel Marelis | Running Back and Linebacker- NJ

Meet our newest YFO All-Star selection Joel Marelis. I have coached Joel the past three football seasons.

Youth Football Online.com Website Redesign | What’s New

We are pleased to announce the launch of the newly redesigned Youth Football Online.com website.

Utilizing the Hammer Block for Short Yardage

When we are facing a big defensive tackle and we are struggling to block him we will HAMMER him. The hammer tag tells our play-side wing to crack down on him.

YFO All-Stars Select Isaiah Marelis

Name: Isaiah Marelis Position: DT/ C Team: OB Cougars, NJ Meet our newest YFO All-star selection Isaiah Marelis. Isiah plays Center and Defensive Tackle.

3 Reasons why the 3-5 Stack is a Great Defense

The 3-5 Stack Defense is a great defense because it can easily adjust to formation. It also allows you to generate pressure by utilizing several different types of stunts and blitzes.