Why Kids Need Football: Resilience

I used to think resilience was all about toughness, but I have come to realize, it is much more than that. Resilience is a key component of lifelong success, it is undeniable.

YFO All-Stars Select Max Perry | Linebacker, Tight-end, Guard (New York)

Name: Max Perry Position: Off: TE /G Def: LB Age: 8 Favorite NFL Team: Buffalo Bills Favorite College Team: U-Conn Huskies Superpower Wanted: Teleportation to the end zone for a touchdown!                   Meet our newest YFO All-Star selection Max Perry.

Whiteboard Wednesday E7: 3 Level Flood Pass out of 3×1

This week’s Whiteboard Wednesday we will break down the Flood Passing Concept out of 3 X 1 Spread. There are several types of route concepts that you can implemented to the trips side.

Using the V Route to Attack Cover 2 & Man Coverage

There is no better way to open up the run than by having, and calling, a good play action concept. By throwing the ball deep after faking a run the offense will open up space to run by keeping perimeter players out of the box.

A Year of Awesome Football Content: Our Top Posts from 2019

It was a great year for Youth Football Online’s blog. We published over 100 new articles and pages in 2019.

What to Look for in the Spread H Back

A great H Back can be the hardest thing for the defensive to deal with. A truly great H Back has the ability to make a block inside on the run game while still being able to run routes and beat a linebacker in the passing game.

Youth Football is Training for Life

See why we say youth football is training for life. The video begins with a tribute to Eric Foster’s Rutgers locker room chant.

4-3 Defense Blitz Package with Man-Free Coverage

The 4-3 Defense allows you to be multiple with your blitzes and coverages. This blitz package includes the STORM & SNAKE blitz with man free being played behind the blitz.

3 Play Pistol Wing T Jet Series

Here is a great 3 play series out of the Pistol Wing T. This is a system of plays that all set each other up.

Shallow Cross Passing Concept

The Shallow Cross Passing Concept is a great way to stretch the defense out horizontally. It’s great against man to man coverage.

YFO All-Stars Select Lucas Pellechi | Running Back and Defensive End

Name: Lucas Pellechi Position: RB /DE Favorite NFL Team: Houston Texans Favorite College Team: Notre Dame, Fighting Irish Favorite Food & Snack: Pizza & Nutrition Bars Desired Superpower: Super speed Meet our newest YFO All-Star selection Lucas Pellechi. Lucas plays running back and defensive end in Long Island, NY.

Wing T Formation Buck Sweep Play

The Buck Sweep is a great play because it allows you to get your athletes the ball in space. It features down blocks at the point of attack, with the play-side guard pulling and kicking out the edge defender.

Pistol Wing T Jet Series

The Pistol Wing T Jet Series is a systematic attack where all the plays complement each other. This 3 play series includes Jet Sweep, Belly, and Belly Pass.

Running Triple Option Against the 3-5 Stack

Coach Ross breaks down how he attacks the 3-5 Defense with the Triple Option.

3 Ways You Can Run Power out of 20 Personnel

Here are 3 different ways you can run the Power Concept out of Spread 20 Personnel. This will allow you to keep things simple, while still being multiple.

3 Plays That Beat our Cover 3 Zone

There were 3 plays that gave us some trouble in our Cover 3 – the Go-out, Tight-end Quick Pop, and 4 Verticals. These plays were executed out of the Ace Spread Formation.