Selecting the Right Youth Football System

In order to have a winning youth football season you have to employ the right system.

employing a youth football system

Offensive System

A successful youth football offense is an offense that offers deception and speed. Misdirection is the best way to attack defenses in youth football. Having a deceptive offense will make the defense have to look instead of just attacking. Plays that have no misdirection will allow the defense to pin their ears back and attack. The idea of misdirection is to take advantage of over aggressive defenses. It also makes the defense play disciplined, which will slow down their pursuit to the ball carrier.

There is only one way to put this, speed kills. Implementing an offensive system that utilizes the no huddle and uses motion will really take your team to the next level.  Many defenses are not accustomed to the playing an up-tempo no huddle offense. Having a great no huddle tempo and system will take control of the game and the defense. Using motion is another great way to add speed and misdirection to your offense.  Running plays like rocket sweep and jet sweep will allow your running backs to get outside fast, even if they aren’t your fastest players. Then once defenses start over playing the motion you can run plays that come off of the motion.

Defensive System

Playing defense is all about tackling. If your defense tackles well, you will be in good shape. Good tackling teams do not give up many big plays.  If you tackle well any defensive scheme will work.  When deciding on a defensive system make sure it is easy to implement. Leave all the scheming to offenses.  Defenses have to focus solely on fundamentals like: tackling well, pursuit to the football, getting off blocks, proper alignment against offenses, containing plays inside, creating turnovers, and not give up the big play. Those are the basic fundamentals of youth football defense. Select a defense that has a good balance of safe blitzes and stunts. You should have blitzes to stop inside hitting plays and outside blitzes to stop outside hitting plays.  Be careful when blitzing, if you live by the blitz, you will die by the blitz. Blitz strategically.

Defense is all about attitude and swarming to the football. Good defenses have relentless pursuit to the ball carrier. Defense is about having fun and playing aggressive.  When you are working on drills for your defense make sure you do it with great energy and enthusiasm.

Special Teams

Special teams is probably the most unappreciated and under practiced phase of youth football.  Success on special teams can really boost your team towards victory. When selecting a special teams system make sure it is youth football friendly. It has to be easy to install.  It is important that the kickoff and punt coverage is good. You must make sure your players stay in their lanes, get off blocks, and tackle well. Take pride in having a strong return game, which can help win the field position battle, set up a scoring opportunity, or even score a touchdown. 

Need an explosive offense that is fast hitting and deceptive? Want a swarming defense that can demoralize opposing offenses? Or how about some more production out of your special teams?

The Rocket Bundle Playbook Package is a perfect solution. Included in this bundle- Rocket Wing T Offense, The Swarming 53 Defense, and a Special Teams playbook.



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