I Formation Playbook

I-Formation Playbook

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  • Line Splits
  • Positioning & Hole Numbering
  • Formation, Strong Right & Strong Left
  • Down Blocking Scheme
  • Snap Count
  • Play Calling Progression
  • 10 Play Series
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Product Description

I-Formation Playbook Overview

Once the playbook is purchased, click the link under Order Details (on checkout page) to download the PDF playbook instantly. 

Want a Smash Mouth Offense? The I-Formation E- Playbook (17 pages) is a powerful offensive playbook.  This power I playbook not only offers power football plays, but it mixes in some deception and some outside hitting plays as well.  Give your team an identity,  purchase this playbook today!

This I formation playbook is designed to teach coaches how to run the I Formation offense properly. The youth football I formation playbook uses the “Down Blocking Scheme”. Down blocking is easy to teach and extremely effective in youth football. It is a lot easier to work angles on those big defensive linemen, rather than just trying to base block them. This I formation playbook is also a series based scheme, meaning all the plays complement each other. Coaches run plays, this is a system.

I-Formation Offense

This playbook is easy to implement, which is vital for football on the youth level. It will not take very long to implement this blocking scheme- the whole offense can be installed in one week. Remember, once the offense is installed repetition is key. Practice these plays every day, fluency is crucial. Once the players get these plays down, defensive coordinators will be in for long days!

I-Formation Playbook Testimonies

I purchased this playbook and we installed it this season. It worked out pretty well. It was easy to teach our players. It allowed us to power the ball off tackle and then kill the defense with play-action pass play. I love the I-formation offense and used it back in the day when I played in high school. The blocking scheme is simple, but very effective.  This is a great football playbook that we will be using again this year.

Coach Justin, SNJ Youth Football League